The Official Pocket Gamer Companion Guide to Doodle Jump


Working with Steel Media in 2013, I managed the creation of this interesting app for iPad and iPhone. It’s a guide to the game Doodle Jump, one of the most successful iPhone games ever and one that’s surprisingly simple to play.

What can you say about a game that’s so incredibly intuitive? Well, that was the challenge. To research the project, I spoke to the game’s developers at length, found out all I could about the game online and even read a couple of books on app game development and Doodle Jump’s place in that world. Many hours were spent actually playing the game, and trying out the themed versions such as the Halloween, Christmas, Space and Ocean releases.

Working alongside designer Paul Edwards, I helped develop the app’s interface and its main sections, and I wrote nearly all the copy including the hints and tips, in-depth playing strategies, Doodle Jump history, an interview with the world record holder AW Prince, and the Doodler’s Scrapbook – a fun collection of references to the game in popular culture. We put together a video interview with one of the game’s creators at Lima Sky as well. You can get the guide on the App Store here.