About & Contact

Hello… my name is Garrick Webster, and I’ve been writing for a living since the mid-90s. I started off as a journalist, and along the way I’ve picked up a vast range of skills, which all relate back to words in one way or another.

These days I’m focused on helping clients with all sorts of interesting projects involving:

Copywriting – Advertising, brochures, web copy, and more. I love crafting words and finding the perfecting tone for the client I’m working with.

Content marketing – Give people something interesting and useful to read, and they’ll remember you and your brand. This is a new and growing area of marketing and I have plenty of experience making customer magazines, websites, apps, blogs, social media and more.

Editing – Concepts, planning, commissioning, honing copy and adding the finishing touches – it’s exciting when a project turns into something with a unique voice that people can read, enjoy and maybe even go back to later. It could be a book, magazine, website, app or even something new…

Journalism – News, interviews, profiles, features and more. I have years of experience researching articles, finding the real story, and delivering it with both personality and attention to detail.

For me, writing copy is all about a much bigger creative picture – one that communicates a full and clear message to the audience. Nothing excites me more than working alongside graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, photographers and creative directors to develop a concept and deliver a message. I guess that’s why my site is called Image & Text.

I could go on and on, but the best way for you to get to know me is to look at the work in the Portfolio section.

If you like what you see then drop me an email.