ASUS Tech in Style magazine

Asus1000x635_02This project takes us back to late 2008 when touch screens were still pretty new. Having already established itself as a company supplying a range of competitively priced laptops, packed with features, the Taiwanese tech manufacturer ASUS wanted to enhance its reputation for style and innovation. So, it contracted Future Plus (now Future Fusion) to produce a regular publication highlighting ASUS products and its consumer approach in a magazine format.

I worked on several issues as the editor, developing feature ideas, commissioning and writing articles, and working closely with a team of fantastic designers, photographers and illustrators to produce something that ticked the right boxes for ASUS and its customers.

The photos you see here are from my favourite issue, designed by art editor Stuart Hobbs. For the World’s Most Beautiful Laptops feature, I had the pleasure of working with the amazing digital illustrator Justin Maller, whom I’d previously collaborated with when I worked on Computer Arts. We sent Justin carefully shot studio photos of those beautiful laptops and he placed them in colourful, hyper-real settings, based on how ASUS was positioning each product.

We created articles focusing on ASUS’s green credentials; cutting edge technology it was adding to its laptops, tablets and desktops; and looked at how its computers might be used by target customers. In short, a snappy-looking lifestyle magazine centred on tech, which doesn’t feel like a computing catalogue.