100 Best Typefaces Ever

Similar to the 50 Best Logos Ever, this gala magazine project entailed working with experts across the design industry, sifting through their varied opinions on which typeface should rule them all, and putting their thoughts into logical order. Working as associate editor, I helped determine the list, researched the typefaces, sourced images of them in application, and generally did a whole load of interviewing, writing and editing.

What we came up with was a premium ‘bookazine’ of 180 pages, including histories and profiles of the chosen fonts, along with interviews with a handful of the world’s leading type designers including Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter and Rick Banks. Providing background information on each typeface – in a way that would be useful to any creative person wanting to use it – was the big challenge. However, it quickly became a fascinating pursuit as we learned about the structure of lettering going back to both the Roman alphabet and to the hand-rendered script of the Middle Ages, both of which have profoundly influenced type design.

My colleagues on this mag, which we did in 2014, included the editor Rob Carney, art editor Carlton Hibbert, and sub Adam Hurrell. The finished book has a spot varnish on it consisting of the names of the typefaces inside, and it feels like an all round lush publication. “Bodoni!”